12Win Review for Mobile Casino and Live Casino Offers- A Player’s Guide

12Win Review for Mobile Casino and Live Casino Offers- A Player’s Guide

The Asian casino market is fast growing, and the growth is not just limited to the brick and mortar casinos and hotels located in Macau, Hong Kong and Manila. The development and increasing popularity of casino games can also be found online, thanks to a growing number of online casino operators that deliver the best listing of casino games, offered by top vendors like Playtech and Netent. 12Win Casino is a perfect example of this, and it joins a growing list of casino operators that help sustain the growth of the Asian casino industry.

Compared to other operators., 12Win is on solid ground, thanks to the support of top software developers and vendors. According to one 12Win review, Playtech is just one of the many casino suppliers that help build the game portfolio. Playtech is a leading name in the industry, cited for its innovation and exciting portfolio of games. This means that 12Win easily becomes a hot casino ticket in the Asian market. As a casino, 12Win is a loaded gaming platform. But there are two important offerings of 12Win that is highlighted in this 12Win review- the mobile casino and live casino offers. Here’s a short review and discussion on what are these, and how you can enjoy these casino games.

Mobile Casino Play on 12Win

12Win is one of those casino operators that appreciate the importance of offering casino games on mobile. With a mobile offering, players are given the convenience and flexibility to play casino titles anywhere. And for the casino operator, it is a chance to expand the market, allow many players to sign up and boost the bottom-line. But how do you experience the mobile casino offer of 12Win?

To start the 12Win experience, members and interested individuals must download first the application. There is a separate application for slot games, and another client to be download for its live casino feature. Now, if you are not too sure about the services and you want to test-drive the games and services, 12Win allows new customers to try the games and services using a demo account. You can find a 12Win review online that offers a demo user name and password for you to enjoy the demo games, risk-free.

Live Casino Play on 12Win

Another popular offering of 12Win is its Live Casino feature. As the name suggests, this Live Casino feature allows its members to enjoy the games in real time, and play with attractive dealers. Just like in mobile gameplay, customers and members of this casino should download first the client, and once downloaded and installed, the casino games can be played. The list of games that can be explored in 12Win include blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Each casino table is maintained by a skilled and attractive dealer, so you can enjoy every round of the game. Also, players are given easy access to the Game Lobby in case one needs to change the game.

With these casino offers, it’s highly recommended to check 12Win today. To learn more about its promotions, you can check out the latest offers and announcements by reading the latest 12Win review.






Learn More About Citibet Through a Citibet Review

Learn More About Citibet Through a Citibet Review

To learn the art and skills required in sports betting, one of the best things a player can do is to check out the resources available online. Just like other gambling segment, sports betting is well-represented online, and you can easily find the right resources and guides that can help you start your adventure in sports betting. One website that offers not just a platform to play but player resources as well is Citibet. Aside from the usual betting tools, it also offers a Citibet review, where the basic rules are explained, and guides are added for new players.

From Greyhound to Horse Racing

As a sports betting platform, Citibet covers greyhound and horse racing. Horse racing is considered an equestrian performance sports, but has grown largely due to the betting market. In a horse racing event, the bettors will make a bet on which horse will win. Horses are ridden by individuals called jockeys, and they race over a racetrack, and the length of the racetrack will depend on the event. The challenge for the bettor is to identify which one will reach the finish line first. This is one of the two important sports covered by Citibet, the other one is greyhound racing. Greyhound racing is a slightly different form of racing, and this involves greyhound dogs that race in racetracks. This is a popular sports betting event in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Macau, Spain and Australia. These two types of sports are covered by Citibet, and most events around the world are carried, and players can bet.


Promoting Player Education in Sports Betting

To ensure that all players of Citibet are informed and ready to take on the games, the betting exchange also publishes its own magazine. The magazine is an important resource for both the operator and the players. For the operator, the magazine is a perfect platform to introduce and explain its products and resources. And for the players and members of the site, the magazine can be a source of information and tips on how to become successful in sports betting. More importantly, this magazine is an important resource for everyone since this list down and explains all the aspects of horse racing, including the results of the races for the year. Aside from the usual results of the races and games, the magazine also lists down the important statistics of the races, including the bets lost and won. And based on the best placed, the magazine also lists down the earnings made by the company.

In its commitment to expand its services to customers from different parts of the world, Citibet also maintains its social media accounts. Through these social media accounts in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, members of Citibet can make bets or follow the latest races.

At Citibet, players are not only given the chance to bet and enjoy sports betting. They can also learn, by reading a Citibet review, and by exploring its official website.








SCR888 tips Malaysia

SCR888 tips Malaysia

Why is betting so exciting these days? If you ask this question to several people, they will tell you it’s all about the free credit they get. When you compare modern betting and that practiced in the past, there is a super big difference. In the past, gamblers used their money as wagers purely. That is to say that the risk is all on the side of the user. Now, it’s a new dawn in Malaysia and the world of betting. SCR888 Malaysia gives plenty of bonuses and free credit to the users as an incentive to keep betting alive. Of course risking part of your money and part of the casino money is better than when you are risking only your money. Online casino players want to know whether a given casino offers SCR888 free credit before they can consider it. Those with such offers record higher number of users. The problem however remains that most of the users don’t know how to make the most of these free credits.

What we mean by SCR888

This comes to the users in form of added bet funds. That addition becomes available after the user does something that the online casino credits. So, what can you do to get bonuses? Let’s check out a few options practiced by most casinos.

New membership – it is where most casinos use the SCR888 free credit. The idea is to register as many members as possible into the casino. It means that you don’t have to make any deposits after you register to become user of the SCR888 enabled online casino. The initial funds you get will be your first wager. It is sweet for those who record the first win with the bonus money. They only gain without losing initially. It’s the reason why everyone want to place bets online. Many perceive it as a lesser risk when you got funds ready and waiting for you.

Recruit new members or referrals– other casinos will give bonuses to those who bring in new users into the register. You can work as an agent preaching the gospel about a given online casino and get rewarded with free credit after providing evidence.

Loyal user – after you place a certain number of bets consistently, some online casinos will reward you with extra funds as boosters to encourage you to continue betting.

After you get all the bonus

Now you know where the free credit can be earned from. The question remains how you can actually benefit from the free credit. The over excitement initially usually means loss on the first bet. It’s not your money, so, you can afford to be irresponsible. Well, that is what the casino wants you to do. But do you have to do it? I don’t think so. You can record a high win even with SCR888 tips.

Rather than viewing it as mere free money that you can afford to lose, make it an opportunity to increase your odds. Some bets will double your wager every time you are placing a bet. It means that if you record a win, you get double of what you could have gotten if you only used your sole wager. Take an added risk but not too much of a risk anyway.

Some players have the SCR888 to thank for their big wins. You too can make the most of these offers and become a lucky gambler.

General Rules for Playing in an Online Casino

General Rules for playing in an online casino

When you start playing in an online casino, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. Though all online casino websites have their own set of rules but there are some general rules that need to be followed by every player. Let us have a brief look on them


Many of you do not know that but there is a legal age for gambling. You cannot take part in gambling until you are 21. This is mostly the legal age for gambling on many sites though some sites give the age of majority by residence as the legal age consent. So before you lat with real cash make sure you are eligible.

Identity proof:

If you try to cheat, you will be cheated in return, so do not play with someone else’s identity and give your proper details. However, be careful enough to not expose your extra unnecessary details that might cause you problems later. Some casino websites may close your account if they do not get the authenticity of your identity. Please do not play with them.


In an online casino website, you can have at most one account with proper details. Do not try to make fake accounts for any reason. You might land in legal problems. However, you can have different accounts on different websites distinctively. But that would not be recommendable for you since it might cause you a lot of confusion.

Conditions in websites and games: While gambling it is very important to read their terms and condition because if at the end you find yourself in the middle of the fraud, at least you will have some idea on getting your money back. But if you didn’t know anything then it would be a problem to get a proper explanation from them.

Similarly, different online slot games have different rules and regulations. Before betting some real cash, read them and understand them well. Don’t rush for anything.

Keep a photo id card handy:

When you want to cash out, you need to provide them with proper authorization. Hence, have them near you as any form of softcopy. Also to claim bonuses you need to show your photo ID card at some websites.

Have an e-wallet: E-wallet? These are some form of software and websites that convert your real cash in banks into virtual one. It is highly recommended that you use your virtual money than real. For example, using Paypal etc will be helpful to get accustomed to the gambling method.

Keeping your bank account details safe:

Well, websites may not take responsibility and it’s on you. Some of the websites don’t work on e-wallets. Hence, you need to provide your credit or debit card details. Remember not to provide them with your password and other details.

Paying a wager:

Some of the websites may have eye popping bonuses, but you need to be careful because to cash them out you need to pay some wager. Hence, understand the things clearly and look for the one that asks a lesser one. Study and research things before you bet real cash.

If you follow the rules and regulation with discipline, then you will at least not get cheated with a loss even if you do not win.

Leocity88 review

Leocity88 review

It’s one of the online casino brands topping on the list of Malaysia betting market. After its launching, it did perform excellently to get to its current level. That has gone to record with the many awards received by Leocity88. The games offered at the online casino are super attractive leading to more players at the site and fresh ones joining every day. It is one casino that has gained a lot of popularity in the previous days. That is because of the much that the site had offered to its users. And yet, it’s not done. There is still a lot being done to ensure that fresh entertainment and betting practice are invented and made available on leocity88. Users can only expect better.

Big payouts

It’s the feature considered attractive by many users here. Betting becomes boring and even stressing when it’s all about losing. Leocity88 has its way of keeping the users motivated so that they not only get wins, but get entertained in the process. They do that by making available high payouts to the players. Even with small amounts as wagers, players still get blessed with cash. When this casino is compared to other sites, leocity88 is the one to go with for high payments.

Top security

It is true that betting sites even around Malaysia are sometimes associated with security issues. Security risk is one that downgrades the popularity of an online casino regardless of how reputable it might be. Not leocity88 though. Security and privacy have been treated with top priority. There is no risk of losing your money or account details to unwanted hands. All you need to do is keep enjoying the game, place bets and win them without worries of security drawbacks. With these traits, it is seen as the irreplaceable casino.

The selected best games

As mentioned, leocity88 has put in plenty of effort in ensuring that the members get to enjoy the very best of casino games. Games you will not find elsewhere are available at this site. And no game is limited to any user. All of them are at the disposal of the users. It’s up to them to pick the games they like most and bet on them. Live dealer and slot games are all available any time anywhere. The number of games available are over 200 each being of a different kind. And they seem to come with some luck. Most of the users who placed bets on these games ended up winning the bets. As said, it turns out to be the best casino for payouts. The jackpots are mega. It only means that if you get lucky to win, you win big.

Mobile play now on

Most gamblers in the past have been using desktops. However, those are the days that mobile tech was yet to reborn. Now, it’s a different case. With your smartphone, you are welcome to play and enjoy the online casino games.it doesn’t matter where you may be, you can easily access online casino conveniently.

What are Sweepstakes When Playing in an Online Casino

What are Sweepstakes when Playing in an Online Casino

 In the past decade, you may have noticed a global shift in economics proliferating into South East Asia. With the Silver Dollar dominating markets for a quarter of a century, the dawn of the Yen and gold bars has now made the orient a gambler’s paradise. Casinos have existed in China, Malaysia and the Philippines a lot longer than the modern world has acknowledged. If you are a vintage martial arts movie connoisseur or enjoy black and white Asian movies from the 50s or 60s, you may have an idea how long the golden dragon has been profiting everyone from small business owners to famous silver screen gangsters.

Gambling In The East

Today ‘gambling’ lacks the nefarious connotations of the past, requiring finely honed skills as a way to make large sums of money in a short amount of time. No longer dealt underground in dimly lit rooms filled with cigar smoke, although following Japan’s casino news you may think otherwise, Casinos and online casinos in the East are a tourist magnet and have become a growing full time profession for those who know how to play the game.

Beginner’s Luck

If you have been tiptoeing around the idea to join an online casino game or enter an advertised sweepstake, you should just go ahead and try it. Games like Poker and Black Jack cannot be mastered in a day and require practice and most importantly experience. You may want to begin by learning the language and terms of casino games to build a strong foundation in order to understand the basics of a winning hand and when to fold. Online casinos are available on most portable devices and can be played virtually from anywhere and can become a valuable learning tool for novice poker players and a great source of added income with legitimate rankings for experienced poker sharks.

Sweepstakes & Prize Contests

Sweepstakes are promotional platforms where prizes are awarded to a random winner chosen from all those who enter. They are different from a lottery, which require licenses to operate and you have to purchase an entry token in order to win.

Sweepstakes have been used as motivational marketing for centuries as a tool to promote commerce in the past as well. You may come across sweepstakes at your local market, an opening of a small new business, horse racing tracks and of course casinos. Sweepstakes all over the world may not require licenses attributed to lotteries, however there may be registrations and a defined limit of permissible practices according to a country’s ever-changing gambling laws.

Online Casino Sweepstakes

A great way to win some money if you believe lady luck is on your side, you can indulge in the many sweepstakes offered by online casinos to promote their games, products or website. Prizes tend to differ on individual websites some offering cash prizes, holidays, earnings in chips to play further and exclusive products or services associated with the site or their partners.

If you are considering risks, think of the stock market or other bets you may have placed, like on games such as football, cricket or basketball. With sweepstakes you can set aside concerns losing major cash and just enjoy the thrill of entering a contest. You never know what you could end up winning!

Tips for improving your winnings in a live casino

Tips for improving your winnings in a live casino

Planning a game is the most important thing when you bet your real cash on the casino. Though playing in an online casino is almost equivalent to playing in a land based casino, their ever-growing different software for more adventures add more thrill to the game. Here are some tips for you that might help you to win against the odds. Let’s go through some of the tips which are both applicable for both live land and live online casinos.

  1. Choose a reputable casino.

It’s important since few websites are “rogue”. Read the reviews of websites and see their proper authorization and licensing. With these two factors there will be least chances of you getting cheated by the website.

  1. Play free slot games

It’s also an important step before you bet some real cash. Almost every online casino gives you free demo and practice sessions. Play them to understand the game with the same thrill of playing it with real money.

  1. Bankrolls and spin within your budget.

This step can be termed as the deciding factor. Fix you budget beforehand. Then choose the online slot machine that gives you maximum number of spins within your budget.

  1. Payout pattern.

Online casinos give you the perks of high payouts. It’s the average amount of cash that a slot machine gives per unit amount spent.  Look for the one with highest payout percentage.

  1. Read the terms and conditions well.

Don’t do things in a rush. Each online slot machine is unique with different software and themes. And so are their rules. Hence, go through them properly before you actually start your game.

  1. Discipline is important.

Everyday isn’t your day. It’s a game of luck you can say. You might win and you might lose. But try not to chase your losses. This is the biggest blunder a live casino player can do. Try not to bet cash which is supposedly out of your budget. Be disciplined. It’s better to lose the game within budget that you have planned beforehand than losing it unplanned.

  1. Plan a strategy and develop a pattern.

When you are opting for a live casino, there is a chance of having some players playing against you. On a table, plan a strategy in advance to progress in the game. After all, everyone is here to win!

When playing for a long time bet some higher money when you are winning and minimum cash when you are losing. This will help you to expand your money when you win and make you suffer from less loss when losing.

  1. Time management

Some of the slot games can be so interesting that you completely lose the track of the time. That’s when the table turns. Decide your time beforehand. So that if you are winning a game, you don’t start losing because you decided to give the game some more extra time.

  1. Keep a track on the hot and cold number.

If you are playing with above in roulette, then you must keep a record of previous spins with you. But that doesn’t completely assure your win. You need to find it yourself how the spin works. Mostly, they are highly randomized for the first timers. You might not be able to understand the odds. But in the reputable online casino, there happens to be special algorithm behind every RNG’s slot machine. If you are genius enough to crack the one of your choice, then the ball is definitely in your court.

10. End of the game.

Greed for money can make you chase for more. Well, that’s definitely not good thing for a live casino player. Stop it when you have won a deal and look for something else. Even if you lose, stop the game before you start betting the money that you hadn’t decided to.

Lastly, enjoy the game you play. You are here to enjoy as well. Hence, play safe and enjoy well.



How to make money in Betting Online Malaysia

Introduction to Online Casino Malaysia

One of the most genuine ways of making money from betting online is by a process called arbitrage betting. Researches will show that is one of the best ways of making money while betting online. Before understanding arbitrage betting techniques, one has to understand what a betting exchange site is. There are some betting exchanges around on the internet. Some are different from the traditional online bookmakers because in a betting exchange one can lay bets as well as place them. When one is laying a bet, he is simply betting against an event that could be occurring. One can take the place of the bookmaker. There is an exchange called Betfair, where millions of people can make bets amidst other users of the site. One can get to set the odds that one chooses and if someone accepts the bet, you will have to pay if he wins. If there is a loss, then he has to keep the users’ bet stake.

All About Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges are capable of creating an entirely new dimension when it comes to online betting. One does not have to gamble to win big money. He can also act as a bookmaker or pay the money when certain events occur. One can even keep the money of the punters, if the event does not occur at all. To make money from arbitrage betting, one should be capable of using a betting exchange and should have a lot of patience. What one should do is try to find odds to back an event at a normal bookmaker. This exact same event can be laid at a betting exchange, with lower odds if possible. If one can lay the event at a lower set of odds, then one has backed an event and he will make an arbitrage bet. No matter, whatever happens in the bet, one will end with a profit.

How To Make Money By Online Sports Betting?

If you have seriously taken gambling as a serious source of extra income, then it is always better to play safe. It is always better to determine an initial budget. One should not go beyond his means. In case of sports betting, it is always better to choose the team which has a good potential of winning. Unless the team performs well, one will keep on losing money. This does not always imply that big names have to be chosen because big names always do not guarantee a safe win. The energy of the team should be judged very carefully as this helps to determine whether the team is able to continue with the same potential with which they have started. Those teams should be paid attention to which can play well both at home and on the roads too. One has to take time to carry out the statistical explorations and find the correct opportunity. One can also take the help of betting software which helps to make good money on sports betting. One can play safely as the software takes all the responsibility.

10 reasons to play in an online live casino in Malaysia

The live casino game concept has been highly contributed to by video and live streaming says Malaysia Online Gaming News. He further adds that the mixing of land based feeling to online casino  Malaysia features by having a real time dealer is the key aspect of a live dealer online casino game. This is basically what sets apart an online live casino from other casinos. Are you interested in online gaming? Then below are more reasons why you should definitely go for an online live casino.

Online Casino at all times

An online live casino is accessible 24 hours of the day. This is advantageous in that it is flexible and you can play when you have time unlike land based casinos where you have to go at specific times.

Multiple card games

Another benefit that comes with playing in an online live casino is that there are a variety of games available for you. The games range from the very popular ones like blackjack and baccarat to the potentially very high paying games.

Chat and interact

The live casino sites offer an onscreen chat room feature which gives you the feeling of being in a land based casino at the comfort of your home. This gives one the option of a more interactive and social game time at their own comfort in addition to being able to communicate with the live dealer.


Online live casinos are known for the promotions and bonuses they offer. This enables a player to get a lot of value. These types of casinos have a wide range of ongoing bonuses which are made available to players for them to claim them and make maximum use of them.

Awarding comps

Further, there are comps that are awarded in online live casinos. They are based on the size of the wagers you place on the table as different sizes get different numbers of comp points. After being awarded one can redeem the points when they have amassed enough and saved up.

License and regulations

With an online live casino you can easily verify if they are licensed and regulated and by whom. This ensures safety when gambling. The sites are required to be fully licensed and be operating under standard regulations.

Free casino games

Another advantage is that you are able to play casino games online for free. This proves a free risk way of playing, especially for those trying out as they figure out what best suits them. Most online casinos have trials for some of their games.

Deposit options

The deposit options available in an online live casino are wide as compared to land based casinos. They accept a huge range of payment options giving the player a chance to choose the most secure one.

Bet sizes and comfort

Online casinos are generally more affordable to run. Thus, players enjoy playing with whatever stakes they are able to manage. In addition, they offer more freedom and comfort without the certain rules and regulations on land based casinos.

For an exciting experience, online live gambling is what you need.



7 Popular Strategies for Online Roulette

Roulette is a popular casino game played in many casinos and bars around the world. The game was originated in France during the seventeenth century. It is a French word meaning ‘little wheel’. There are two types of roulette: American and European. The American roulette consists of both single zero (‘0’) and double zeros (‘00’) while the European roulette consists of only a single zero (‘0’). There are 37 coloured and numbered pockets in French and European roulette while there are 38 pockets present in an American roulette.

The lethal game of chance, Roulette

 In this game, the players get the option to choose;

  • bets on either for a single number or several numbers,
  • the colors- black or red,
  • either an odd number or an even number,
  • high numbers (from 19 to 36) or low numbers ( from 1 to 18).

The European Roulette includes a combination of both strategies and chances. This casino game includes a wheel, a table and a ball that are marked with different boxes. The boxes contain the numbers 0 to 36. The players have to place bets on those numbers (one or more) and click the Spin button. They can place a number of bets randomly while the ball spins until the dealer present their announces ‘no more bets’. Eventually, the ball loses its momentum and falls into one of the 37 or 38 colored and numbered blocks present on the wheel. The number in which the ball gets stuck determines the player’s fortune.

Strategies and tactics

 Here is the list of top seven strategies that one can use while playing an online roulette game:

  1. Before starting the game and placing the bets, one must understand the odds. The more numbers one bets on, the higher are the chances of his winning. If the chip is placed on any one of the numbers, then the possibilities of hitting that particular number are low, so therefore the payout is pretty large.
  2. Always choose to play the European Roulette. The European version of roulette has a house edge of 2.63% which is very small. Hence, it has the higher chances to let you win and one should always go for it. One can also go for casinos with ‘No prison’ or ‘Surrender’ rule as they will give them the full stake or half stake back if the ball stops on the zero.
  3. One must try not to bet more than he can afford because it’s a game of luck and chances. You never know whether you are going to win or lose.
  4. One must try different betting systems, but he/she should keep in mind not to count on them. Never decide the number of games (ex: 100 or 200) that you are going to play and with the same keep in mind that you should not count or record them as you play. As doing such things will let you be more prepared for a loss on your playing session. So, when you are seemingly winning, go for the shorter sessions since they will work in your favour.
  5. Find a good casino that you can trust. Make sure that the operators of the casino are honest, trustworthy and legitimate. Although, in the online world of games, things are somewhat different. So it’s completely up to you to mark the fair one.
  6. Never drink while playing. If you are willing to win the game, then you must always keep your head clear while betting.
  7. Make sure that you know the variations of your roulette cheat sheet perfectly. Plan your strategies well before starting the game like how to place bets, where to place them, how much to bet, and how to win the game.